March 22nd ♥ KAT-TUN’s Debut (2006)

KA: Kamenashi Kazuya
T: Taguchi Junnosuke
T: Tanaka Koki
U: Ueda Tatsuya
N: Nakamaru Yuichi 

In 2002, in response to many requests, KAT-TUN held their first concert called 「お客様は神サマーConcert 55万人愛のリクエストに応えて!!, for which 550,000 people tried to get tickets. That same year, they performed eleven shows in a single day. This is the current record in Japan for the most performances in one day. Since then, KAT-TUN has held concerts in Japan almost every season.

In 2003-2004, their popularity rose to that of a debuted group, to the point where they performed on Music Station multiple times before debuting. In 2005, KAT-TUN released their first major DVD, 「KAT-TUN Live海賊帆」, which topped the Oricon yearly chart for the best-selling DVD. At the 20th Japan Gold Disc Awards, Live Kaizokuban placed on the Music Video Of The Year list.

Their debut on March 22, 2006 was marked by a tripartite release of a CD single, album and music DVD on their exclusive record label J-One Records. Since then, all of their single, album and music DVD releases have debuted at number one on the Oricon music and DVD charts.

They are currently having a tour called “KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2012 CHAIN

Happy 6th Anniversary to KAT-TUN and all Hyphens!~

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